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Fence & Deck Washing To Keep Your Annapolis Property Perimeter Pristine

Fence cleaning

Your deck, fence, and other exterior surfaces are at the mercy of the elements. Dirt, grime, cobwebs, mildew, algae – they’re all enemies of your pristine outdoor surfaces, and they can diminish the look of your home’s exterior. A thorough fence and deck cleaning can put the polish on your surfaces, removing unsightly blemishes and revealing the true beauty of your fence and deck materials.

From pool deck washing to gutter cleaning and brightening, we offer specialized services that focus on the cleanliness. You can schedule a gutter cleaning, and pool deck washing with us today at (410) 980-2507!

Wood & Vinyl Fence Cleaning

There are two different kinds of fences and each one had its pros and cons.

We can do a pressure washing on both of them. Our employees are trained to be able to tackle any task possible including different materials. Regardless of your property's fence materials, we can complete a perfect clean every time.

Schedule a fence cleaning or pressure washing for Annapolis with us today!

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space With Deck Cleaning

For many of us, our deck is an outdoor room and expands our living area. Bacteria, pollen, algae, and other health hazards can accumulate on your deck. That’s why regular maintenance is so important to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and to keep a healthy environment for your family, your guests, and your pets. We offer deck cleaning services for a variety of decking surfaces, including:

  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Cedar and redwood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Composite material

Deck cleaning can give your deck’s surface new life, or prepare it for staining, sealing, or painting. Pressure washing removes dirt, paint chips, and other contaminants. Using the power of water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, deck cleaning can clean and disinfect your exterior surfaces, removing mildew, dirt, and other harmful organisms. Deck cleaning can reverse the effects of harsh weather conditions, enhancing your curb appeal, and making your outdoor spaces more user friendly.

What Makes Us Different?

The main benefits to choosing a professional pressure washing company like South River Pressure Washing are:

High & low-pressure washing capabilities. For some areas, a low amount of pressure may be necessary instead of the full amount. If there is a weak spot on the surface, it is recommended to lower the pressure to avoid any extra damage.

Continuous training. When there is new or updated information in the industry, we take advantage of it and provide it to all of our employees to offer you the most updated services in the industry.

Communication. When communication is broken down, trust breaks down with it. We want to create a strong string of trust with all of our customers.

Respect. A big part of being able to trust someone is to provide a high level of respect to our clients at all times.

Trust us to give you the best home possible with our unique services.

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