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House Soft Wash in Bowie, MD

House soft wash bowie md

I received a call from a homeowner in Bowie. They were in need of a house wash. There house was southern facing with brick in the front and vinyl siding on the other three sides.

They have a lot of mature trees around the house for shade. Most of the trees are 40 feet tall or more. These shade trees block the sun and allow green algae to grow on the siding.

Even though this house in Bowie was 4,400 square feet and 3 stories, it was still covered by shade trees. I knew, that with the correct equipment and procedures, we could get the green algae, dirty and cobwebs off this home and make it look great.

We started by covering all there cameras and outdoor outlets to protect them against water. Next we rinsed the house down to cool the siding on a 90 degree day in Bowie. After rinsing, we starting applying our solution of water, surfactant and sodium hypochlorite. This solution will kill all the green algae, dirt, mold, mildew and cobwebs. Within 5 minutes we could see the green algae, cobwebs and dirt just melting off the house.

Finally, we rinsed our solution off and any remaining organics. Our customer was very happy with the outcome and even recommended us to several neighbors in the Bowie area. Another job well done by South River Pressure Washing.

Budget: $650

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Products Used

Southern Slang, Surfactant from Sodium Hypochlorite
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